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Wind Resource Assessment Service

Is Wind Power for You?

Before you spend $5,000 to $100,000 (or more) for a wind system, get an accurate assessment of the wind resource at your site. A wind turbine is a major investment that can easily be wasted on a marginal site.

If you are considering a wind system, you need an accurate assessment of wind resources at your site. You have several options:

1. Look at wind maps and try to estimate your wind resource. Keep in mind that wind maps show the wind at 200 - 300 ft elevations with no obstructions. The wind at your site at 50-100 feet could be 25-50% the wind map value. Wind maps do not account for local terrain or obstructions.

2. Ask a wind turbine dealer if your site is suitable. Be sure to ask for an estimate of annual production and the payback period (years) for your investment. Also ask for an energy production guarantee.

3. Contact North Wind Measurement for a cost effective wind site assessment.

We don't guess at your site. We measure the wind and provide an accurate prediction of wind turbine production.

How Much Will it Cost?

Wind assessment is a complex process. But it doesn't have to be expensive.

Complete, turnkey "Small Wind" assessment on 18 meter (60 ft) met tower will assess the wind resource for a wind turbine at 35-75 ft The study will take 1-3 months and cost $600 - $1000.

Larger "Community Wind" assessments can be done with our 28 to 40 meter (98-131 ft) met towers. These studies last a bit longer (3-4 months) and cost $1500-2500.

A "Micro Turbine" assessment for Windspire or Swift will cost less than $400.

See Complete Price List.

Assessment costs are reduced by 30-55% by tax credits and grants applied to an installed wind energy system. See Tax Credits on Links Page